The Price to Pay for Injustice

Born Jason Michael Diggens

Jason's mother went to the Department of Social Services (D.S.S.) in the late 1980's seeking help for her and her three young children. D.S.S. placed the children with Paul and his late ex-wife. His mother was soon threatened by D.S.S. to sign over her parental rights or they would take her through the court system forcing her to sign them over. His mother did not fight and did what she thought was in the best interest of her children. His mother was a child hood friend of one of Paul's sister-in-laws. Paul had promised to keep the children together no matter what. Paul had lived with Lorrie for over 13 years with never any talk of marriage when D.S.S. was stepping forward to place Jason and his sisters. This meant Jason would be seperated from his sisters. Paul married Lorrie in order to adopt them and keep them together sticking by the promise he made his brother.

Paul and his brother Richard built an 8 bedroom home for Paul and his family on the property that Paul had known all of his years growing up. Paul's family consisted of him, his late ex-wife, their four adopted children, his late ex-wife's biological son Danny Roy and numerous members of his late ex-wife's extended family. Throughout the years Paul was with his late ex-wife they had many foster children that had been placed with them with never any complaints of sexual misconduct on Paul's behalf. Some had come forward and said Paul's late ex-wife asked them to say Paul had touched them though.

Jason lived a life of security when his father was around because he always interveined when Danny Roy was treating him mean. Paul even interveined when William "Pickles" Pensivy went to strike Jason and he fell down the cellar stairs in a drunken stupor.

Jason was admired by Paul's brothers for his sense of family values instilled in him from Paul. Jason became a victim to injustice when his adpoted mother became scorned when Paul left the marital residence and began dating another women. Sexual allegations came about after his late ex-wife became informed that early on in their relationship her twin sister had made sexual advances towards Paul to which he accepted and that affair continued for over 6 years.

Jason was a witness for his father, he sat in the witness room prepared to testify but never did. His father was found guilty due to prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective assistance of counsel. His father was supposed to be sentenced July 18, 2004 at 3:30. Jason was run down in a crosswalk on July 18, 2004 at 5:00 by the son of the people he was staying with. Jason was allowed to enter the crosswalk and travel 35' before being struck by a van driven by a friend of Danny Roy's. While in the critical care unit of Berkshire Mecical Center the entire Litchfield family, his biological grandmother and most of all his biological mother were all denied access to him by Nicole Felman-McElroy of D.S.S. Jason paid the price as he was coming forward with the truth in regards to the injustice that he had been living since his father had left the home, his life!